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Deb Lahoud

My life is all about effecting personal transformation, including my own. Every time I guide someone to individual enlightenment and serenity, it leaves me with a sense of wonder and gratitude: wonder that I have been given this precious gift and gratitude that I am able to use it to help people achieve their highest potential.

I’m passionate about bringing my knowledge to others – adults and children alike. I have been working with various energy healing methods for more than 30 years, teaching those who are suffering how to untangle their mental chaos and find inner peace. I combine neurology techniques, psychology, energy medicine and metaphysics in unique ways to provide solutions that result in happier, more balanced and more productive lives.

My Passion is Your Peace

From Shadow to Sunlight

My goal is to bring hope and peace to a world that lives in fear; to help people thrive – one-on-one and in groups – by understanding and learning new skills, and give them the tools to hone their ability to control negative thoughts and emotions.

In other words, to move them from the shadows (the darkness wrought by feelings of acute anxiety, depression fear, worthlessness – even despair) into the sunlight and the emotional freedom it represents.

This means sharing what I have learned through my own life experiences and combining those experiences with energy healing techniques to not only drive away the shadows, but actually heal the wounded psyche whether it was from a single trauma (emotional or physical) or lifelong pain.
To accomplish this, I serve as a bridge between the spiritual and physical worlds, teaching others to alter their individual perspectives and memory patterns through a variety of scientific, psychological and metaphysical methods.

Most issues are quickly and gently resolved. Finding personal solutions that resonate with the truth is my greatest joy.

My Biography
Intuitive Healer and Inspirational Speaker

As an experienced motivational teacher, speaker and spiritual guide, Deborah’s life purpose is to change the way people view life and the world at large. She is driven by her passion to help others live illuminated, fulfilled and more peaceful lives and works with clients, students and audiences to achieve higher levels of inner peace and emotional freedom using a special combination of metaphysical and scientific methodologies.

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My Philosophy
Perspective is everything

Today’s world, with its 24/7 “always on” technology mode, makes it virtually impossible to enjoy stress-free living. We are constantly bombarded by demands, situations and life experiences that drain us, cause distress and wreak havoc on our mental and physical well-being. We are also subject to hurts and traumas from our past, whether as adults or children. We carry those hidden wounds which only become visible when activated by current circumstances. We get triggered from the past and our emotions make decisions instead of logic. Our body bears the burden of every unresolved issue we have ever experienced. More of us have health issues, pain and unhappiness than ever before.

Believe it or not, it is the way we think about the challenges and difficulties we encounter that causes our emotional and mental misery. Therefore, it would stand to reason that if we could change the way we think about things – even the past — we could eliminate our pain, worry and stress. I believe that in life, perspective is key to achieving inner peace and contentment. And that is what I seek to teach those who come to me for help. Using a combination of techniques, I will assist you in neutralizing any issue that impacts your life negatively.

My Credentials

A successful motivational speaker and educator for more than 30 years, Deborah is a dedicated student of the Course in Miracles and an Intuitive Healer.

She is also a Reiki Master Teacher, Emotional Freedom Coach and Access Bars facilitator, as well as a certified Crystal Healer and Essential Oils Coach.

Organization/Association Memberships

  • Member of the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology
  • Member of the Council of Holistic Healers
  • Member of the National Association of Holistic Wellness
  • Certified Crystal Healer – Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy, accredited by the NCBTMB 
  • Member of the Association of Reiki Professionals
  • Certified Essential Oils Coach
My Signature Presentation
“Finding Peace through Perspective”

Deborah’s signature speech, “Finding Peace through Perspective” is highly regarded and weaves a story that captivates, imparts wisdom and lends hope.

Her unique fusion of real-life anecdotes and conversational style connect with her audience at both an intimate and individual level. The humorous and light-hearted manner in which she shares her healing and enlightenment techniques embodies more than three decades of life experiences and professional training in a manner that resonates with her audience members and inspires them to find personal peace.

With a proven track record of transforming lives by changing thoughts and perceptions, Deborah’s presentation delivers thought-provoking insights, positivity and laughter, and invokes in her audiences a desire to find a better, more fulfilling way to live in today’s complex and demanding world.

Teaching ~ Inspiring ~ Changing Lives

Contact Information

Deborah Lahoud, RMT, CCH
Enlightened Concepts, LLC

Motivational/Inspirational Speaker,
Reiki Master Teacher,
Life Coach,
Energy Practitioner (EFT/TAT),
Certified Crystal Healer

+1 (732) 680-0123

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