Crystal Healing

There is so little knowledge out there in the public mainstream about how crystals works and what they can do for you. Most people are surprised and delighted when they discover how powerful crystals can be and just how they can help. Through the use of placement on the body, in grids, in elixirs or just wearing them or carrying them around in your pocket, crystals can influence your body’s energy systems in a positive way.

Crystals have been around since the beginning of time and have been used in many cultures. They are even referenced in the Bible. Created in the Earth, these beautiful gifts from Mother Nature have the ability to raise your vibration, stabilize your mood, give protection, strengthen and even assist in healing your body from various illnesses and pain.

How, you ask? It has to do with how the crystals are structured and with physics. You see, geologically, crystals are minerals that have a stable, precise crystalline structure with a repeating pattern. They are, in effect, geometrically perfect and that geometric perfection right down to the molecular level makes their dominant oscillary rate (DOR – the frequency at which something vibrates) very high and stable. As such, they are less subject to entropy (disorder).

Now we humans (and pets) are very influenced by energy, in part because our emotions are in constant flux. Our emotions affect our organs – giving each organ and cell its own DOR. We are in a constant state of entropy. Any type of stress brings the body right out of whack.

If we bring a crystal into our energy system, into our field, our aura, our electromagnetic field, the crystal’s DOR starts to entrain ours. All energy entrains to the stronger source. Since crystals have that perfect geometric structure, they maintain the higher vibration and naturally entrain our energy system to its own. They have a higher, stronger steadier vibration than we do and therefore, since we are lower, our energy systems “rise” to meet the vibration of the crystal.

When called for, I utilize crystals with my clients. Over the millennia, each crystal has been assigned with certain properties. Different crystals do different things and it my job to recommend which crystals are best for your situation and how to use them.
There are crystals that calm, crystals that ground and protect, crystals to pull pain from the body, crystals that help you to sleep and all kinds of crystals in between.

Working with Crystals is one of my most requested classes and I want you to be among the first to know when registration is open.

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