Just Breathe…

Cause you can’t jump the track, we’re like cars on a cable
And life’s like an hourglass, glued to the table
No one can find the rewind button now.
So cradle your head in your hands
And breathe… just breathe,
Oh breathe, just breathe

~Anna Nalick (Breathe, 2 AM)


Most of what you consider to be “wrong” with your life can be traced back to how you think and past experiences.  Have you ever noticed that you are not bothered by something from the past until you think about it or experience something similar again?  This is because bringing to mind an upsetting incident triggers an emotional response that creates neurological changes.  Your thoughts affect everything in your body—right down to the cellular level. 

None of us are exempt.  Most of us deal with emotions and stress by ignoring or stuffing the feelings until it has nowhere else to go. Then it “shows” itself, often in the form of out of control emotions, stress, fears, pain and even illness.

Energy Therapies address what is known as “disruptions in the energy” that run through and around your body. We call them “blocks.”   These blocks can stop you from achieving your goals. These blocks can prevent you from having loving relationships and living your life to the fullest. Energy Therapy can reduce anxiety, distress, the memory of a trauma and, more often than not, allow clients to find immediate and permanent relief. Energy therapies can remove blocks and promote relaxation and self-healing. They expand your perceptions, help you to transform the pain you carry physically, mentally and emotionally so unburdened “you” can finally been seen. When we are in touch with that part of us, life takes on a different meaning and things like thoughts (and even people) that used to bother you will no longer affect you.

I utilize many energy healing techniques in my practice and have had great success. You can read about my Mom’s Reiki experience here.  Together, we will decide what approach is best for your problem — often it is a combination of a number of methods.

If you are ready to take responsibility for your life, your emotions and your self-care, I would be honored to assist you on your healing journey.

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You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience – we are spirit beings having a human experience. And being human carries with it an ego. It is the ego’s job to help you live as a human but it also is the cause of much pain and sorrow since the ego is so adept at judging you, comparing you and bringing up every little thing you have ever done wrong or have had go wrong in your entire life.

The transformation of the ego is a long process but it is possible. The first step is transforming all the negative memories and emotions that the ego loves to hold onto and nurture and that is what energy therapies help you to do.

We are all being called to change and to awaken to who we can really be – and all the major media agree: books… TV… movies…they are all showing you in one form or another that there is something else out there for you … a different way to think, a different way of being.

Is it time for YOUR Awakening, a shift in YOUR consciousness? Are you ready for the Next Steps?

When you are ready to take responsibility for your life, your emotions and your thoughts, you are ready to begin the awakening. I would be honored to assist you on your journey

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